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Friends don't just exist when things are going good. Friends are just *there*. Sometimes they are really busy and tired and don't check in to the Net for days or weeks, but it has nothing to do with anything you have said or done. Which is my situation - life has been insane, isn't going to improve any time soon, and this is the first time I've gotten on LJ in months.

However, since I'm laid off for the Summer I expect to have a little time for online stuff in between car repairs and the washer breaking and the pipe breaking in the wall and Little League and swimming lessons and dentist visits and doctors and having to organize the family reunion and taking care of my mother and studying and tutoring and cleaning this house...

Last night I went to the first homeschool meeting I've been to in months, in Peoria (about an hour's drive). Had to stop at Proctor Hospital before that, to sort out some paperwork from my husband's eye surgery in April. Then I walked around the Mall, got some Chinese take-out (very good and a nice change) and went to the Holocaust Memorial. Cried a bit, because my husband was born Jewish in 1945. If his parents had lived in Germany instead of Illinois he would likely have been one of those buttons. Went to Borders and got a "The Little Book of Hanukkah" for the boys. We're not Jewish, hubby's family converted, but I think it's important for the children to know where they came from.

Happy Birthday Ginny

LJ says your birthday is Mondy. Hope it's a sweet and happy one!
Life has NOT been easy this holiday. I just got home from Michigan, where I have been since Dec 20, taking care of my mother. I love my Mom, and she's really sick with Leukemia. My sister is there now, trying to talk Mom into going to live with her for a few months. This would really be best, I think. The docs are very encouraging that Mom will beat this, but she is really weak. She cannot take care of herself, alone in the house, cannot walk down the icey drive to get the mail or take the trash out or fill the birdfeeders. She cannot drive, so she'll depend on the senior bus and friends. Going to my sister's would let her rest.

I left presents here for my grandsons, and have brought more home, but I haven't seen them yet. I missed them all so much! It was hard being away for the holidays!
It would include earphones that could not be turned up loud enough to damage hearing or drown out mom calling their name. The built-in spellchecker would include a profanity filter, which automatically replaces foul words with clean. All IMs and chats would be keylogged and the transcripts automatically sent to the parent's account.

The entire unit would be waterproof, shockproof, reasonably bump-proof. (such as, the closed case could not be cracked simply by being slung over a shoulder on a strap).  Soda spilled on the keyboard or sprayed on the screen can be rinsed away without harm.
In fact, any liquid entering any slot, port, or vent on the unit can be rinsed off without damaging the innards.
The wifi card and chip slots would be completely recessed, nothing protruding, using some tight version of the DVD disk spring ejecter.
The cooling fans would be at least twice as efficient as design says it needs, including intake  and output vents on at least two separate sides of the case, any combination of which being more than adequate (thus avoiding overheating while emailing in bed).
The tiny switches in various locations cannot snap off - cannot be plastic.

I'm going back to school

I'm doing it. I'm going back to school. I applied and was accepted back into Grad school last week; today I enrolled in the first course for a certificate in Health Administration. This leaves my options open. I can, in addition to taking this, consider going back and finishing my nearly-completed Master's in Microbiology, or go into Nursing. First, get myself back into the school mindset. I can't afford the other options until I get a better job, which this should get me. Remember, I'm not young. I'm a grandmother!

Writer's Block: Do Not Open Until 2059

If you were to make a time capsule today to be opened in 50 years, what would you put in it?
Depends on who I expect to open it. Assuming it was for family, I would put identified photographs of everyone in our family, along with as much geneological detail I could find. Ancestors, health history, and mapped addresses of family homes would be good, too.

I'm back! Boy, am I ever dumb!

Boy am I dumb. I have been trying to log in for several weeks, using a different computer because the kids were usually on mine, and when I finally got in my account was blank. Scary.

So this morning, I tried again on this computer, where I have my accounts 'remember me'. Many of them anyhow, and LJ is one. No trouble at all. There's my picture (not flattering, but a very happy day). My friends are still here. My posts are here.

So what happened? Different ID. Yup, I'm so dumb I didn't even realize I have two IDs here. I must have set up the other one a long long time ago and never used it. The second one is 'nanchih', if I'm confusing anyone reading this.  I'm confused.

I wonder if there is any way to combine them? Or delete one? Anyhow, now I know what is going on, and I am happy to find my friends again.


I have just posted little story number three, a two-chapter Sam & Rosie. Posting chapters is NOT intuitive, but I figured it out. Too bad those are all I have finished. People seem to like them so far. I'm amazed that over 100 people from 16 countries have read them!

Who I am and why I'm here

I'm Lynn. I'm a grandmother of three active boys who stay with me a LOT and soak up most of my 'free' time, money, and energy. I am teaching the older two to read, and ASL to the baby. I work - 'nuff said about THAT.  I am active in homeschooling email groups. I attend church. I have a husband, two dogs, two grown children. We like to camp, garden, and visit our friends and relatives.
This may be the only post I'll do here. I need another active group/list like I need a hole in my head. I am on LJ to follow the semi-private postings of some fanfiction authors I respect. If any of my family or friends find me here I will 'friend' you, but don't expect me to be active. I'm currently logging in on weekends. If I get a new job that will change to whatever is convenient then.